Heartfelt Aftercare

Looking after your website's wellbeing

Much like maintaining a home or car, there is routine care needed to make sure you get the most from your website. I've listed common tasks at the end of this page to give an idea, and I provide a summary of the specific tasks for your site with each site I build. With Heartfelt Aftercare plans I take can care of it all for you.

♡ Aftercare Plan Features

Routine Site Maintenance - While the specifics can vary, a typical routine to keep any website in tip-top shape looks like this:

  • Daily Website Maintenance

    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Security Monitoring
    • Website & Database Backups

  • Weekly Website Maintenance

    • Plugin & Theme Updates
    • Visual Inspection
    • Malware Scans
    • Minor content updates

  • Monthly Website Maintenance

    • Monitor Traffic & Search Engine Rankings
    • Test Loading Time
    • Search for Broken Links
    • Check for Search Console Errors/Issues

  • Yearly Website Maintenance

    • Review CMS Setup
    • Review Content for Updates
    • Renew Hosting, Domain, & Licenses
    • Clean Database

Support* – Whether you want an extra email address, a second look at an idea you have or some time debugging a sticky issue with a feature on a particular browser, drop me a line with the details and I'll take care of it.

Site Updates – Whether you're adding a page, posting to your blog or tweaking some wording I'm happy to simply do it for you. Just email me the content and up it goes. 30 mins of my time is more than enough for a couple of blog posts, a simple page or combinations.

Hosting & Registrations - This is the service of keeping your site on the internet 24/7. There are several parts (domain names, DNS records, SSL certificates, file hosting, databases etc) but I can simply handle this all for you.

The keys to the kingdom: passwords to update, download or take over your site any time. You own the IP and I don't believe in lock-in.

Security – including a https:// certificate (shows the security padlock in web browsers) and backups of your site for piece of mind.

https security with padlock

Email forwarding – "you@yourdomain.com.au" can forward emails to your gmail or wherever, and I'll help you configure your email to reply from your "you@yourdomain.com.au" style domain too.

♡ Aftercare Plan Pricing

Self Care

Includes all the hosting

  • You do the maintenance you feel you need (I'll provide documentation)
  • I'm always available to help at my standard hourly rate

Routine Care

All the Hosting plus:

  • Basic maintenance schedule done for you with monthly reports
  • Minor updates done (eg, email me a blog post and I'll put it up for you)
  • Work beyond 1h/month charged at standard hourly rate

Extra Care

All the Hosting plus:

  • Basic maintenance schedule done for you with monthly reports
  • Bigger updates done (eg, email me a few page changes and a blog post and I'll put it up for you)
  • Work beyond 2h/month charged at standard hourly rate

* support is just little old me, so it can't be on-call 24/7 like a team but it is lovely, helpful and just an email away.