HeartCard #2: Clear Focus

Why Care

You probably have a lot of objectives that you want out of your site: attracting new people, telling them about everything you do etc. Pro tip: It's not about you.

What To Do

Understand Your Audience

Make sure you know how people will come to your site and what they want out of it.

Are they looking to compare you with 10 other similar places? If so, being findable in their list of 10 places and being clear why you're different to the other 9 should be high on your list of objectives.

Grab Attention

If someone reads your entire site then they're practically a customer already. Job well done.

For most people, they'll glance at it for maybe 5-15 seconds then move on. So you have a very small amonut of time to communicate why they should hang around. Not what your fancy new logo is. Not your list of qualifications, although having those tucked away somewhere doesn't hurt once people have decided to stay already. But in just a few seconds, tell them why they should stay.

You Can't Highlight Everything

Imagine you've printed out a page of points you want to get across. Then you grab a highlighter and start trying to highlight the important points. But they're all important! Your whole page now has a "highlighted" yellow background and no points stand out at all.

My point is that to stand out, you really need to pick one, clear, refined point. Choose it well, and accept that you can't do that to all the information.