HeartCard #3: Keywords In Important Places

Why Care

It helps to show up prominently in a Google search if you can. There are two parts to this: making sure Google knows what the themes of your site are, and dealing with the competition of other sites vying for the same audience.

What To Do

Identify Keywords

There are a few tricks for this:

  • Imagine your ideal customers and what they're looking for when they need to find you. If you're a massage clinic, might they be looking for advice on muscle pain? If you're a counsellor, might they be looking for relationship advice? Come up with a list of search terms they might use if they didn't know you existed. Then try those search terms to see what the competition is like there.

  • Try typing the first few words, like "same sex relationship" and see what Google suggests to follow it. Are there some longer terms that are searched for a lot that you could use as an exact phrase in your page somewhere?

Use Your Headings

Make sure your headings include your most important keywords. This includes on-page headings and also the title of the browser tab.

** Set Meta Tags**

Meta tags are part of the description of a page that's sent to browsers and Google, telling them what the page is about. They are not displayed on the screen.

The easiest way to do this is a plugin like SEOPress or Yoast, which offer suggestions and show a preview of what your Google search result might look like.