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Cliniko Review

Cliniko - Main Page

Clinico offers a global service but is based right here in Melbourne Australia. There's a free 30 day trial to see if it's what you need and pricing options for 1 practitioner begin at $45/month.


Cliniko makes a good first impression, taking seconds to sign up. Right away you’re given a dashboard featuring a prominent “messages board”, allowing comments and discussion with others in your practice. 

Cliniko - First Impression


The appointment schedule is a clean looking calendar, and clicking open spaces in it creates an appointment as expected.

I like that the "title" field for clients includes newer options like “Mx”, allowing a more inclusive practice. Client records also track acceptance of privacy policy, notification preferences and how the client found you so there is some basic CRM style functionality in there. 

Treatment Notes

Notes offer a comprehensive patient history including body charts so you can identify where problem areas were. I can see this being especially useful for massage therapists.

Cliniko - Treatment Notes


Cliniko can track invoicing and clinic expenses like rent, product purchases etc. Because it's based in Australia, Cliniko recognises our GST out-of-the-box (as well as tax options for many other countries). 

The financial side of the app includes product sales – so if you sell physical products like books, massagers, hypnosis CDs etc then Cliniko can help you track stock levels and profit from these. 

Medicare support seems to be lacking, although HICAPS is supported through their Medipass system. I'd love to hear from people who use this about how they find Medicare and HICAPS with Cliniko.


Cliniko’s reports page looks very comprehensive, and includes reports on how busy you are with appointments, patient data, financial information, how your practitioners are performing and which marketing types are bringing in the patients.

Cliniko - Reporting

Online Bookings

Cliniko offers a customisable way for your clients to arrange appointments with you online. This is easy to link to from, or embed in your website and of course you can customise the colours to fit with your branding.

Cliniko - Online Bookings

Integration & Customisation

Cliniko integrates with Medipass, MailChimp, Xero and an impressive list of third party software so it can easily fit in with software you already use.

The online bookings portal seems comprehensive and easy to set up and customise.

Cliniko provides an API: an extension mechanism that means developers like myself can extend it in all kinds of custom ways to fill in any bits of functionality specific to your practice.


My impression is that Cliniko is a solid option offering simplicity and style, as long as you don't need tight medicare integration. It's feature-rich and easy to integrate into websites.

If you use Cliniko i'd love to hear your thoughts! Just contact me below. If you'd like it integrated with your website, I can help with that too 🙂

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