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Healthkit Review

Healthkit Review

⚠️ Note: Healthkit is now known as Halaxy


HealthKit is Australian so it's comfortable with Medicare and GST, but it's also available world-wide. There's no need for a trial, it's free to use as long as you skip paid features like sending SMS messages. 


My first impression of HealthKit was that I don't like their diamonds-and-sharp angles æsthetic. Something similar could work but they just don't seem to pull it off. In fact, it's very hard to navigate. So hard that my first attempt at signing up went awry.

Tip to avoid my mistake: Make sure you've navigated into the "practice management" area before signing up, if you accidentally sign up for the practitioners list you'll have to start over with a new email address.

Healthkit - email address exists


When you finally get to the schedule page, it’s a relief to see it looks pretty straightforward.

Healthkit - Scheduling

Simply click a spot on the calendar to add appointments, and you’re taken to an appointment edit view to fill in the pertinent details.

Treatment Notes

Treatment notes are stored under the patient information. They're presented as a list of documents down the left side of the page (I only had one, in green) and the document contents on the right. Charts etc were handled by the simple ability to include file attachments with each record.

Healthkit - Treatment notes

I preferred the more visual treatment notes in Cliniko, however HealthKit's setup might be more flexible just harder to see at a glance.


HealthKit's Australian roots are clear with Medicare integration provided "out of the box". Here's their FAQ on Medicare and DVA claiming.

HealthKit’s finance area is quite comprehensive: whether you're packaging products, selling material items, charging for time, using BPay or health insurance providers, it's all there.

Healthkit - Invoice


HealthKit lets you run a wide range of financial reports, and other reports about claims, patients and more. You can save your often-used reports to the front Reports page for quick access.

Healthkit - Reports
Healthkit - Reports

Online Bookings

As always, HealthKit has you covered – if you are patient with going through all the menu options to find the one you want. 

Healthkit - Online Bookings

Integration & Customisation

HealthKit is well equipped for integration with other software and appears to have direct integration with Medicare. It can integrate with Xero and a wide range of other software.

Healthkit - Integration

Considering all the integrations they've provided for us, it's a surprise to me that there is no API for HealthKit. An API would let developers like me create their own custom integrations. For example, if you wanted a custom web form that feeds information into a patient's record, an API would let a developer like me build that. 

Mitigating the lack of API is the huge number of built in integrations – you might not need anything custom as they might just have thought of everything.


The bad: 

  • Poor user interface design makes HealthKit difficult to navigate
  • No API means if there's any integration HealthKit hasn't thought of, we can't add it ourselves.

The good: 

  • It's basically free
  • Huge number of features
  • Integrates with Medicare

If you use HealthKit i'd love to hear your thoughts! Just contact me below. If you'd like it integrated with your website, I can help hook up their provided online booking form (see above) but with no API I can't provide custom integrations for it.

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