Wellbeing Websites

Sharlot Clark

Sharlot Clark: Purple Healing Counselling Services

Sharlot had a colour theme in place but needed clear messaging on the range of services she offered. I helped come up with icons to represent the four main facets of her work and built the site around those.

Sharlot also needed business cards to match her website.
Purple Healing website and business cards
Sarah has a wealth of knowledge about how to create just the right website that complements wellbeing businesses. With her down-to-earth and professional manner, Sarah crafted my site for Purple Healing Counselling Services. This site brings the majority of my clients to my practice.
Pauline Burr

Pauline Burr: Naturally U Body & Soul

Pauline ran a massage and natural therapies clinic in Richmond.

She was one of my earliest clients and already had a new logo and colours worked out when she came to me for an updated website.

We included a cross section of her services that visitors could drill down into, to explore what was offered, what it looked like, pricing, how to book and purchase of gift certificates.
Naturally U Website
Thank you to Sarah George of Heartfelt Tech for her great work on our website. She did an amazing job and was great to work with.
Sally Goldner

Sally Goldner, AM: Diversity Educator

Sally Goldner is a diversity educator, speaker, radio show host and recipient of an Order of Australia award (AM).

Sally came to me with her website that was largely complete but needed upgrading both visually and at the back end. We fleshed out content and calls to action and made it work on mobile too.

Sally was also after some business cards, which I designed to match the site.
Sally Goldner's Website
I highly recommend Sarah: her technical skills, networks, interpersonal and communication skills made getting it done easy and a pleasure.
Max MacKenzie

Max MacKenzie: Resilience Enterprises

Max is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker, working to improve the mental health of emergency responders and improve their ties with their communities.
Max's Website
Sarah is professional prompt and helpful with requests. As a private practitioner she demonstrates an eagerness to meet my individual requirements in a multitude of areas. I do have demands that are at times outside the box (eg building training frameworks) and she always meets my requirements with enthusiasm and skill.
Mon Lukas

Mon Lukas: Life Transitions Counselling

Mon was one of my early clients, and was after a site with a Japanese style "Kintsugi" theme.
Mon's Website
Sarah is very easy to work with. She’s attentive, a great listener, understands her client’s needs and doesn’t impose her ideas on them, but instead crafts flexibly and responsively to get a workable site thats a great fit for them. Work timelines are clearly explained, and she’s right onto any problem that might pop up.
Aboriginal Flag
I want to acknowledge and pay my respects to the Wurundjeri people, the traditional custodians of the land Wellbeing Websites operates from. I would like to pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging and additionally pay my respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, past, present and emerging.
Torres Straight Islanders Flag